Special Lectures: “Misspecified Learning” by Professor Drew Fudenberg (MIT)

We will host the special lectures “Misspecified Learning” by Professor Drew Fudenberg on February 13th, 2024 (JST).
On February 15th and 16th, we will also host the workshop “International Workshop on Learning in Misspecified Models and Beyond.”

Workshop Information

Dates & Times: February 13th, 2024 (JST)
Lecture 1. 10:00am-11:30am(JST)
Lecture 2. 1:00pm-2:30pm(JST)
Venue: in-person and Zoom online (hybrid)
Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Economics Research Annex (Kojima Hall)
Language: English
Organizer: Fuhito Kojma, Michihiro Kandori, Satoru Takahashi and Yuichi Yamamoto


Please pre-register using this form for both online and in-person registration (by 10:00am on February 5th, 2024).
There is no registration fee, but pre-registration is required.
Zoom links to join online will be emailed to presenters and registered attendees a few days before the workshop.


Lecture 1.

Drew Fudenberg
Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics at MIT
“Misspecified Learning”
Background readings for lectures
Slide 1Slide 2
Lecture 1Lecture 2


Lecture 2.

Contact info

The University of Tokyo Market Design Center(UTMD)
Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo
E-mail: market-design[at]e.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Phone: (+81)3-5841-3441

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