Starting on June 11, 2024, Shunya Noda’s Lab will organize the microeconomic theory workshop, with support from UTMD and the ERATO Kojima Market Design Project.

Because of this, we will use a new Zoom meeting room. If you registered for online participation in our seminars via Zoom before May 30, 2024, please re-register using the new form, posted on this page.
– Please refrain from making inquiries related to seminar logistics to CIRJE (which has managed this workshop so far) from now on. The new contact information is provided at the end of this page.

Workshop information

– The microeconomic theory workshop is co-hosted by UTMD and the Center for International Research on the Japanese Economy (CIRJE). To talks closely related to market design, the ERATO Kojima Market Design Project also contributes.
Shunya Noda is currently the organizer of this workshop.
– In principle, workshops are held in a hybrid format (in-person and online via Zoom).
– The in-person venue is Seminar Room 1 on the 1st floor of the Economics Research Annex (Kojima Hall), Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo.
– The workshop schedule can be found on the Seminars and Workshops Calendar of the UTokyo Graduate School of Economics and UTMD Event Calendar (Google Calendar). All times are Japan Standard Time (JST).
– Unless otherwise specified, all presentations are in English.
– Following workshops, we usually hold several individual meetings. Individual meeting slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis using the Vyte scheduling service. A link to the Vyte form is provided in the description section of each event on the UTMD Event Calendar. Only UTokyo faculty, staff, students, and individuals invited or approved by UTokyo faculty are eligible to participate in individual meetings. 

For Online Participation

Registration is required to watch our seminars online.
Please register at the pre-registration form to receive detailed information including the Zoom meeting URL via e-mail.
(We generated a new pre-registration form on May 30, 2024. If you had completed registration before this date, please re-register using the new form.)

1. Please show your full name when participating.
2. Registration only needs to be completed once. Using the meeting ID and URL that you were given, you are able to join the next meetings.
3. Please mute your microphone during a speaker’s talk except for Q&A session.

Google Groups (Mailing List)

Participants in our Google Groups can receive updates on the Microeconomic Theory Workshop and other relevant information via the mailing list.

Terms of Use for Google Groups

To join the group:

  1. Sign in with your Google account
  2. Go to and click on “Join this group”
  3. After receiving a confirmation email, click on the confirmation button to complete the process.

If you have any questions, please email noda_secretary[at]


Contact Information

For inquiries related to seminar planning:
shunya.noda [at]

For inquiries related to seminar logistics: 
noda_secretary [at]

(Please replace [at] with @ when sending an email)