Prof. Fuhito Kojima will present his research at the World Bank Virtual Seminar “Market Design, Matching, and COVID-19”

“Market Design, Matching, and COVID-19”

Start time : Monday, June 7, 9am(ET) / 10pm(JST)

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The failure to match supply and demand in health systems can lead to misallocation, waste, and missed opportunities. Salient examples include the geographical imbalance of healthcare workers, in which individuals in some rural areas have only limited access to medical services; another example is the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, where local and national systems may struggle to ensure that doses are efficiently administered to recipients while also targeting vulnerable populations and minimizing wasted doses. Advances in matching theory are providing practical tools that can help countries design more effective healthcare worker allocation schemes and vaccine rollout strategies. In this seminar, Fuhito Kojima will present research on how better market design can tackle these and many other types of mismatches in health systems.




Fuhito Kojima, Director, University of Tokyo Market Design Center and

Professor of Economics, University of Tokyo



Feng Zhao, Practice Manager, Health, Nutrition, and Population, World Bank

Anja Sautmann, Research Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank



Norbert Schady, Chief Economist, Human Development, World Bank


Welcoming Remarks:

Deon Filmer, Director, Development Research Group, World Bank



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